How does gender and religion affect the migration experience? How are the perceptions, practices and discourses related to gender changing in Polish organizations of the Roman Catholic Church abroad? To what extent in the context of pluralistic, multicultural, secularized and more egalitarian societies than Poland is there a feminization of church structures? Are new gender patterns emerging in the transnational context? These and other questions will be answered by the authors of the newly published book “Outside the borders. Cultural gender in Catholic migration organizations”, which will be devoted to the upcoming OWiM seminar.

The book “Beyond Borders. Socio-cultural gender in Catholic migrant organizations ”written by Katarzyna Leszczyńska, Sylwia Urbańska and Katarzyna Zielińska is an attempt to understand the dynamics of changes in gender patterns among migrants operating in Polish Catholic Missions in England, Belgium and Sweden. The authors analyze practices that serve to maintain and consolidate traditional gender divisions, as well as various subversive acts of resistance by migrant women and migrants that modify or even undermine gender segregation. They also show that in a situation of migration, when the gender difference is exposed and it becomes all the more necessary to redefine it, male religious mobilization grows stronger. The book summarizes the field research from 2016–2018, during which the authors talked with many secular and consecrated activists and PMK activists in England, Belgium and Sweden.

• Katarzyna Leszczyńska (AGH)
• Sylwia Urbańska (University of Warsaw)
• Katarzyna Zielińska (Jagiellonian University)

• Kasia Narkowicz (Middlesex University, England)
• Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach (Cracow University of Economics)
• Konrad Pędziwiatr (University of Economics in Krakow)

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