The Multicultural Center in Kraków

The Multicultural Center is an innovative project of the City of Kraków. Its first edition took place in 2021. The second edition started at the beginning of 2022 and will last until 2023. The mission of the Multicultural Center is to support all migrants and refugees in need of assistance during the different phases of taking root in our city. The Center is operated by the Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation.

Otwarty Kraków

The programme „Otwarty Kraków” (Open Cracow) operating since 2016 was an initiative of the Municipality of Cracow. At the heart of it lies the awareness of the necessity of an active role of the Municipality in a situation of a growing diversity of the city – to take the maximum advantage of the positive potential of that change. „Otwarty Kraków” is a cross-sectional coperation for creating a harmonious, multicultural community of the city.


CASPAR (Center for Advanced Studies of Population and Religion) is an interdisciplinary research centre operating since 2018 at the Cracow University of Economics. CASPAR gathers experienced researchers of population, migration and religion with a background in a wide array of academic disciplines: anthropology, demography, economics, political science, statistics, sociology and mathematics.