Multiculturalism and Migration Observatory (MMO-OWIM) is a joint initiative of the Municipality of Cracow and Cracow University of Economics. The key project objective is to analyse migration processes and multicultural changes in urban space.

The major project results are detailed reports analysing various aspects of the migration processes in the city and ensuing social transformations. It initiates long-term studies of the immigrant community of Cracow and regular seminars presenting their results. A crucial activity of the MMO is organisation of regular seminars presenting the results of the project and related issues. The Observatory integrates academic, municipal and regional actions aiming at improving understanding of migration processes and improving their management in the municipal and regional scale.


  • monitors and analyses multicultural transformations and migration processes in the urban space
  • analyses social, economic and cultural potential of immigrants and their contribution to the development of Kraków
  • diagnoses challenges and obstacles to the integration of foreigners living in the city
  • proposes recommendations aiming at improving migration and multiculturalism management, as well as maximising individual and collective potential of immigrants and representatives of ethnic minorities
  • creates space of meetings and cooperation for everyone interested in researching the changing character of the city’s multiculturalism resulting from migration

The Multiculturalism and Migration Observatory was created in July 2019 on the basis of the agreement between the Municipality of Cracow and the Cracow University of Economics. The project is located in the Center for Advanced Studies on Population and Religion (CASPAR) and involves cooperation with scholars from the city, country and abroad.