We cordially invite everyone interested in migration studies to the next MMO seminar, which will take place on 19th January 2022  at 3:00 p.m in Krakow at Goethe-Institut Krakau, Podgórska street 34. Seminar will also be held via Zoom for remote attendees (link to the meeting below).
The support that has been provided for refugees from Ukraine in Poland, and more specifically in Krakow, has taken place both in the private sphere (hosting in private homes, informal fundraising, collection of material goods, the actions of individuals and small groups), in civil society (NGOs, bottom-up movements, associations, workplace volunteering), as well as amongst public and governmental institutions (local and regional authorities, schools, cultural institutions, universities), to name but a few. These spheres often intersect and fuse, although sometimes work in isolation and at other times compete for resources against each other.
The aim of the project is to analise the emerging structural and institutional maps and networks of the mobilization of help in Krakow in the context of forced migrations from Ukraine. Our research documents both individual motivations, as well as organizational/institutional challenges and positioning of social actors within these networks. We have conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders (n: 33), a online survey amongst volunteers (n: 84), one focus group interview with representatives of both formal and informal organisations, as well as participatory observations.
The research has allowed for the analysis of crisis governance in the city of Krakow (governance taken to be the cooperation between various social actors, including public authorities and civil society), the building of social networks between stakeholders, as well as the directions of professionalization within this sphere. Thanks to the insight of our respondents, we are able to present a broader perspective of activities and actions that have been exemplary, why and in what conditions networks flourish, but also those weaker points, which require further analysis and verification.
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