We cordially invite you to the Open Day at the Multicultural Centre during which the latest MMO demographic report “Economic and forced immigrants in Krakow in 2023” will be presented.

The presentation of the report will take place on March 1st at 12:00 at the Multicultural Center in Krakow – Zabłocie street 20, 30-701 Kraków.

Krakow entered 2023 as a city – “home” to a very large group of forced migrants from Ukraine. It was also a year of further growth of increasingly diverse population of economic migrants who decided to settle in the city for short or long term. The largest group of foreigners in Krakow are citizens of European countries (primarily from outside the European Union), but the Asian diaspora is developing in the city particularly dynamically. The report shows changes in the structure of the immigrant population in Krakow in 2023 compared to previous years (up to 2019) based on the latest data from various registers (including ZUS, UMK registration information, MUW residence cards and declarations on entrusting work to foreigners GUP). It also analyzes demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the foreign population in the city and identifies the places of their greatest spatial concentration. It also describes in detail their legal situation and participation in the education system and economy of the city and region.



Prof. UEK dr hab. Konrad Pędziwiatr

Prof. UJ dr hab. Jan Brzozowski