We are happy to announce the publication of our longest report so far authored by a group of experts cooperating with the MMO: Adam Bulandra, Jakub Kościóek, Urszula Majcher-Legawiec, Małgorzata Pamuła-Behrens, Marta Szymańska.

This extensive report focuses on the issues such as multicultural education in Cracow in the perspective of comparative cross-regional statistics (pre-school and school education), a background of employees of educational institutions to work in a multicultural setting and the present solutions applied in schools in Cracow related to the presence of students who had experienced migration. A part of the report focuses on recommendations on the support of multicultural competences of teachers, educational workers, students and preschool pupils; management of education in the context of migration – organization of work of schools and kindergartens and support of competences of workers working in the sector; tasks of the pedagogical supervisors related to the multicultural educational setting; support for schools multicultural development.

The document titled “Characteristics of the Multicultural Educational Environment in Cracow ” is available to download in “Publications” section.