We are pleased to inform you our newest publication titled “Immigrants in Cracow – Demographic Report” authored by Konrad Pędziwiatr, Marcin Stonawski and Jan Brozozwski is already available.


The key objective of this report is to describe the immigrant population in Cracow and to shed light on its size and other demographic and socio-economic features. It presents information on foreigners residing in our city, based mostly on administrative sources (inter alia registers on residence card holders, persons who registered their residence in the City Council, social security registers and information about immigrants in public education registers), supplemented by more innovative approaches to data collection, i.e. usage of big data and information from smartphone users. Consequently, this report identifies the biggest areas of immigrants’ concentration both in terms of residential areas, as for the places of economic/daily activities. The report also assesses the reliability of  the aforementioned sources of data and provides recommendations regarding the possible improvement of the quality of data collection.


Check “Publications” section for the PDF version of the document.