We kindly invite everyone to the next MMO seminar, which will take place on 28th September 2022 (Wednesday) at 4:00 p.m in Krakow at Jewish Community Centre of Krakow (JCC Krakow), 24 Miodowa Street. Seminar will also be held via Zoom for remote attendees (link to the meeting below).
Three weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, veteran journalist Tamar Jacoby arrived in Krakow intending to volunteer, maybe ladle soup or unpack boxes. Instead, at the encouragement of JCC Krakow, she began a series of interviews with Ukrainian refugees. Displaced: The Ukrainian Refugee Experience captures their stories. Every story in the book is unique – one individual’s painful journey. But together, they add up to a collective portrait of the Ukrainian refugee experience. The book launch will provide space for discussion of Ukrainian refugees’ diverse experiences in Poland.
The seminar will use personal stories from the book as a starting point for a discussion. What triggered some people but not others – including, often, their families – to leave Ukraine? How do refugees perceive the Polish reception and integration mechanisms created after February 2022? What worked and didn’t work in the Polish approach to refugees t – an approach that offered little cash assistance but encouraged civil society to come to the fore? What factors appear to be influencing the refugees’ decisions about next steps – whether to stay in Poland, return to Ukraine or move on to a third country? What lessons, if any, do the last seven months offer about how to help those who remain in Poland – people moving beyond resettlement to integration?
Seminar will be held in English
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