We cordially invite everyone to the next MMO seminar, which will take place on 11th July 2022 (Monday) at 2:00 p.m in Krakow at Fundacja Małopolskiej Izby Samorządowej, al. Daszyńskiego 16. Seminar will also be held via Zoom for remote attendees (link to the meeting below).
The brutal invasion of Russia on Ukraine that started in February 2022 has led to massive scale humanitarian and refugee crisis in the region. As a result of it Poland, which hosted before 2022 one of the largest Ukrainian immigrant populations in Europe, has transformed almost overnight from a country with largely economic immigration to a country hosting one of the largest refugee populations in the world. According to estimations, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland is over 2,2 million persons (UMP 2022) in addition to around 1,3 million economic migrants who had come to Poland before 2022 (GUS 2020). The vast majority of refugees sought safety and security in major Polish cities. It was mainly at the municipal level that the influx of war refugees from Ukraine was managed. Krakow’s foreign population has at least quadrupled and currently every 5th resident of the city is a foreigner.
Registry data and existing research provide very limited information about the refugee population in Poland. Thus, Multiculturalism and Migration Observatory and Centre for Advanced Studies of Population and Religion in collaboration with the University of Vienna and the Multiculturalism Centre in Krakow decided to conduct a survey amongst 500 refugees from Ukraine to help to answer some of the most urgent questions. The survey was carried out in the form of pen and paper personal interviews by trained Ukrainian researchers between 5th May and 15th of June 2022 in numerous locations where Ukrainian refugees gather (among others in Tauron Arena – PESEL and UNHCR registration spot, Galeria Plaza – Szafa Dobra, Ukrainian Consulate in Krakow and World Kitchen on the Main Railway Station and Support Centres on Daszyńskiego Street). 55% of the questionnaires were filled in Ukrainian and 45% in the Russian language. The seminar will shed light on the key findings from the survey.\
Seminar will be held in English
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