We cordially invite everyone interested in migration studies to the next MMO seminar, which on 25th April 2022 (Monday) at 1:00 p.m in Krakow at Rakowicka Street 27 (Campus of the Cracow University of Economics), in building B, room no. 273. Seminar will also be held via Zoom for remote attendees (link to the meeting below).
Our guest, dr. Alethia Fernández de la Reguera Ahedo, will be speaking on the topic of “Forced migration, asylum, and human rights in Mexico from a regional perspective.” The presentation will explore the new mobility patterns in Mexico and Latin America and analyze the challenges posed by forced migration and asylum seekers in a country that has traditionally been the origin and transit of economic migration to the United States. In particular, the paradigm of criminalization and securitization of migration and its effects on international protection for displaced persons from Central America and various Latin American countries will be discussed in line with the weakening of the asylum system in the United States.
Seminar will be held in English.
To join the seminar click the following Zoom Meeting link:
Meeting ID: 896 4282 8709
Passcode: Z43i2A