We  kindly invite you to our next Zoom seminar. Jan Brzozowski, Agnieszka Legut, Konrad Pędziwiatr, Patrycja Trzeszczyńska i Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach will speak about expats in Cracow. Meeting will be moderated by Ewa Ślęzak.

The seminar will be devoted to the latest OWIM report “Expats in Krakow”. The report presents the results of research on the highly qualified migrant community in Krakow. Expats constitute a very mobile and in many respects a privileged category of migrants, who have a much greater possibility than other migrants to shape their own mobility process. One of the key theoretical frameworks in which the reporting analysis is embedded is the concept of anchoring, which much better than the integration perspective reflects the nature of expat – often temporary – settling in a given place. Therefore, the conducted research focused mainly on the process of creating an (un)permanent home by expats in Krakow. First, the most accurate picture of this community is outlined based on the available quantitative data. On the other hand, qualitative research, which included expats from many countries and cultures, showed a number of practices and spaces that become important anchors for expats in their process of settling in the city. Thus, the study contains an analysis of the multidimensional becoming an inhabitant of Krakow, but also the functioning of expats in the transnational social space or their possible future mobility projects. The report ends with a summary of the most important conclusions and recommendations for the Krakow City Hall.

Seminar will be held in Polish.

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