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Ewa Ślęzak (Cracow University of Economics) will speak about Krakow’s Approach to High-Skilled Migrants. Meeting will be moderated by Konrad Pędziwiatr and Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach (Cracow University of Economics).

The upcoming Multiculturalism and Migration Observatory seminar will address the theme of high- skilled, corporate mobility in Krakow and how the city has been approaching this type of migration inflow. Our guest speaker will be Ewa Ślęzak, author of the monograph ‘Corporate mobility. The case of Krakow’ (PWE, 2019). She will shed some light on the phenomenon of corporate mobility in Krakow in the situation when the city authorities, similarly to municipal authorities in other big cities in Poland, attempt to fill in the gaps in the national migration policy and accommodate their foreigner inhabitants. As each of the cities present a slightly different perspective, our Guest speaker will analyze the policies and steps undertaken by the city of Krakow towards migrants. She will argue that the key feature of the actions undertaken is the fact that attracting FDI and investors to set up their companies in Krakow and its metropolitan area seems to dominate. These policies and actions will be scrutinized from perspective of various stakeholders, including policy makers and representatives of investors and employers. The above will be juxtaposed with opinions of migrants, who work for transnationals in the area and often wonder whether to stay in Krakow or migrate further. Finally, some policy recommendations will be formulated.

Meeting will be held in English.

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