We are happy to invite you to our next Zoom seminar! Sibylle Heilbrunn (Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee), Jörg Freiling (University of Bremen) and Nina Bilal (University of Warsaw) will speak about challenges and opportunities of refugee entrepreneurship.

According to the UNHCR’s estimations in mid-2020, there were over 80 millions of forcibly displaced people worldwide, including of 26.3 million refugees and 4.2 million asylum seekers (UNHCR, 2020). The global pandemic became a new factor affecting their lives in addition to wars, conflicts and persecutions. Promoting entrepreneurship in those groups is often perceived as a way to enhance the economic and socio-cultural adaptation in host countries. Recently research began to address these issues more thoroughly.
The MMO webinar’s aim is to have an academic discussion that highlights key research themes related to refugee entrepreneurship. It will focus in particular on the main challenges to setting up and running a business by refugees or asylum seekers, but also on existing opportunities and facilitators. The role of potential for entrepreneurship will be addressed, including intentions and motivations of entrepreneurship. Finally, the topic of pandemic in relation to refugee entrepreneurship will be discussed.
Meeting will be held in English.
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