Religions have been playing a key role in migration processes both in the pre-pandemic era and at present when the migrants have been particularly affected by the forced immobility. They are one of the elements of the cultural luggage that many migrants have been carrying with themselves while moving from their home countries’ to new destination countries. In the time of crisis, religious networks have been particularly vital in providing not only spiritual and mental support, but sometimes also material assistance.

The upcoming MMO seminar will shed light on some of the implications of religion in different types of migration processes (from forced to voluntary ones) and in various parts of the world. It will strive to assess some of the major implications of these process in the pre-pandemic times as well as in the last months when the lives of all person but in particular migrants have radically changed. One of the issues relating to the current situation it will try to assess is how various religious communities made up by migrants or caring for them have reacted to the pandemic.

5th June 2020, 1-3PM CET


Maurizio Ambrosini – University of Milan
Samuele Molli – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Wojciech Sadłoń – Institute for Catholic Church Statistics
Marcin Lisak – Institute for Catholic Church Statistics

Moderators: Konrad Pędziwiatr, Jan Brzozowski and Dobrosława Wiktor-Mach (CUE)

Link to the Zoom meeting: